Ensuring line features connect - "No Gaps" equivalent rule for line features

Discussion created by dealjaco on Jun 3, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by amiller731

I am working on running a network analysis for evacuation routes within a multi-story building. I have a bunch of line features that represent paths for people to walk to nearest exits and I want to ensure connectivity to run the network analysis. When I created the line features, I know that they snapped to endpoints and to midpoints of the lines. However, because it has to look somewhat aesthetically pleasing, I had to use the fillet tool from the advanced editing toolbar to round out edges.

The problem I encountered is the fillet tool would round-out corners but in cases where there was a "T" intersection and I had to fillet two lines that came to the "T", I would lose connectivity.

I ran a topology to insure intersections did connect using the Must Not Intersect Or Touch Interior rule but I could never quite get all the smaller gaps (we're talking less than a foot, sometimes a few inches) out. It's come down to me checking all the intersections by hand and this is extremely frustrating and time-consuming.

Is there any topology rule, tool from the toolbox, script, or something else that can make sure I have 100% connectivity? Could the fillet tool have an affect on the topology rule? Something else?