Renaming layers in MXD takes a long time

Discussion created by chris.jarvis on Jun 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by chris.jarvis
One of our users has found that renaming a layer in an open MXD takes 1-3 minutes. He feels that the process should be instantaneous.

ArcGIS was originally running in a 32-bit (Windows XP) virtual machine (VMWare) running on top of a Linux workstation (RHEL 4.8, 64-bit). The user was given a physical PC (Windows XP, 32 bit) to use and found that renaming the layer was faster (~30 seconds), but not up to expectations.

The MXD file is ~1.3MB in size and resides on a shared network drive (the performance of the file server is not an issue).

How long should renaming a layer take? Are there any known bottlenecks for this process?