Select related records?

Discussion created by manzell on Jun 2, 2011
I'm working on a project for our commuter van program. Currently we give operators a text description of the zone they are allowed to make pickups from and where they can drop riders off. This makes it difficult for us when a new operators requests a license to determine what type of service already exists - so we'd like to use GIS in order to help us visualize existing service.

We plan to draw polygons for the origin zones and destination zones. Ideally, when an operator applies for new service, we can use the identify tool to select an arbitrary point on the map (where the operator requests) and GIS will highlight all the destination zones that are served by any operator at that location. There can be several operators in one geographic area; each operator may serve more than 1 destination, and each destination may be served by more than 1 operator.

What's the best way to accomplish this?