Generating points from a set of Polylines

Discussion created by ckirkman on Jun 2, 2011
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I have a set of polylines (m) that represent various roadways in an area that I want to generate XY points from. I'm referencing a database that contains two columns:

One that corresponds to the name of a particular line in the polyline shape file and a
Second that is a distance from line begin-point that I want a XY point to be created at.

Working in ArcMap, I've imported the layer file with the polylines (that have lat/long data associated with them) and the reference database I just mentioned. I created a new feature by merging the former two at the line name and creating a point at every distance specified by the second database table field. This is the data I wanted, but I haven't been able to figure out how to export this data to a database. It doesn't seem to contain XY points specifically, so I can't export a DB like I have been able to with a feature containing points.

What tool or process ought I use to export XY data of the lat/long of each point to a database?
(There will be several million points, if it is of any significance.)