Accessing Joined tables in Python

Discussion created by flederfauz on Jun 2, 2011
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I am working quite a lot with python in a geodatabase. Most of my shapes are organised with plenty of joins and relations to tables. Now using Python I dont know how to acces the related/joined fields if working within the gdb not in map document with layers where joins are saved.

For example lets say i ve a Landuse shape with an attribute Table like:
ID     LanduseID
1           2
2           3
3           1
4           3

and a coresponding table
LanduseID      Name
1                     Water
2                     Forest
3                     Grass

So lets say i selected those landuse features and now i want to print there name. how can i code that in python? or do i need to make changes within my geodatabase?
Any ideas? This puzzles me for some time already.

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