Web application using API for Javascript (problem with the map)

Discussion created by iooliani on Jun 1, 2011
I am trying to create a demo web application using the API for javascript. Everything seems okay and samples are really good, but its the map that gets me into trouble.
Basically I would like to use a map that has a basemap (one of the existing street basemaps is good enough) and on top of it a layer with poligon features. We don't have an ArcGIS Server yet, so we are trying to use the ArcGUS Online server. Now if I try to create my map using ArcGIS Explorer, I can add poligon features but I can't add custom attributes to the features. If I create my map as an local mxd file and use a file geodatabase, I am able to add my poligon feature along with the desired attributes but I cannot publish it onto ArcGIS Online in order to use it in my web app.

I might be on wrong tracks so could someone please let me know if it's possible to get what I want and/or are other ways to obtain this (for example could it be possible using API for javascript displaying a map that exists as an mxd file that exists somewhere on a shared drive?).

Thanks in advance.