Possible bug in 10.0 with lyr's datasource

Discussion created by kreuzrsk on Jun 1, 2011
While using ESRI's tool I noticed that the value returned using lyr.dataSource is wrong in all the MXDs where I manually changed data sources!  First off these are 9.3.1 MXDs edited with 9.3.1 ArcGIS Desktop.  We moved over to a new server so I went into each MXD and changed layer source through Properties | Source | Set Data Source.  We do have 10.0 sp2 on a PC so I decided to generate a report using to verfity that all layers are pointing to the correct data source.  Unfortunately, all the data sources kept their original values making it useless. 

Group Layer Path:  Level 10-9 \LN
Source:       C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxxxx\Application Data\ESRI\ArcCatalog\PHSDev_ManagerAtPHSonDev.sde\PHS.DBO.WDFW_PHSPLUS_LN_SV
Dataset type:     Unknown (could be a broken data source)
Query Definition:  None

Reference each layer in a data frame
lyrList = arcpy.mapping.ListLayers(mxd, "", df)
for lyr in lyrList:
    outFile.write("\t\t LAYER: " + + "\n")
    outFile.write("\t\t\t Group Layer Path:  " + lyr.longName + "\n")
    if lyr.supports("dataSource"):
        outFile.write("\t\t\t Data Source:       " + lyr.dataSource + "\n")
            outFile.write("\t\t\t Dataset type:      " + arcpy.Describe(lyr.dataSource).datasettype + "\n")
            outFile.write("\t\t\t Dataset type:     Unknown (could be a broken data source) \n")
    else: outFile.write("\t\t\t Data Source:       N/A \n")