Spatial Analyst tool

Discussion created by cmcanas on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by njbegg
I've been using Spatial Analyst tool ArcMap10 during the last 5 weeks. This last weekend after running Hydrology tool (Flow accumulation) for more than 6 hours, I've got an error message saying: "ERROR 010096: THERE IS NO SPATIAL ANALYST LICENSE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE OR ENABLED". I did check on my ArcGIS Administrator and Spatial Analyst has "YES" on "Installed/Authorized" and has as Expires date: 28 Jan 2012. I also looked at Customize/Extensions in ArcMap and Spatial Analyst extension is checked. What could be the problem? Why I cannot run Spatial Analyst/Hydrology/FlowAcumulation tool? With that error message I obtained, can it be some problem with my raster?
I'll appreciate any help as soon as possible.