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Discussion created by altshupe on May 31, 2011
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I wouldn't be surprised if the complexity of this question will turn some people off, but I couldn't see how to simplify it. My apologies in advance and I would appreciate any help you could offer.

My understanding is that Arc automatically creates ArcGrids anytime that you call a function from a geoprocessing object (at a minimum it happens when I call SingleOutputMapAlgebra_sa). These intervening files are stored in a temporary file location and, at least initially, were given the name g_g_g1, g_g_g2, etc. I regularly run a script that has been generating a couple thousand of these temporary ArcGrids during each run. I then have to manually delete these files and, when I try to do so from within ArcCatalog, it can take a couple of hours. Since it takes so long, there are times that I have deleted these ArcGrids (and the 'info' folder) without using ArcCatalog. Lately, the script has been terminating at random points in the code. It has usually generated a message that a file could not be opened or read (files which have been successfully opened and read in many previous iterations of the script - the code loops 131 times). The g_g_g files have also taken a strange turn, so I wondered if the problems were related. The g_g_g files that used to be generated in a regular sequence (1,2,3...) now are g_g files and they'll start with a seemingly random large number (it used to be 4 and now it's up to 8 decimal places large) and the subsequent numbering will not be a regular sequence. For instance, ArcGrids named g_g80110979 up to g_g80152587 (note the ~46,000 difference) were generated for only 1500 ArcGrid files. With those symptoms in mind (while using Arc10), I have the following questions;
1. Is the problem of Arc not being able to open or read a file that it has successfully open and read numerous times before related to the temporary ArcGrid files? If not, is there another explanation?
2. Even if these files aren't the problem, is there a way to avoid these ArcGrids from being created in the first place?
3. Is there a way to automatically delete these files if #2 is not possible?
4. If neither #2 nor #3 is possible, and I still have to delete them manually, do I have to delete them in ArcCatalog? More precisely, is the strange naming of the ArcGrid files related to that fact that I have deleted some of these files outside of ArcCatalog? I'd remark that, once I noticed that the file name sequence had become irregular, I started to delete the old files with ArcCatalog again. However, the irregularity of the naming convention has continued to get more severe.
4. If I have to use ArcCatalog to do the deleting, is there a way that I can delete all of them at once without it taking a couple of hours? I have discovered that if I only select a few hundred at a time it goes by faster, but that solution is not optimal.