bicycle route

Discussion created by teraminifera on May 29, 2011
hi guys. i am a student and got the task to creat the cycling route in ArcMap. I have a little bit limited ability to get out of home at the moment so i have to get most of the knowledge through reading. but at this point i need advice of experienced people. I have 4 layers: roads, schools, traffic lights and bus routes. I got the advise to create extra layer for stops and do 2 points randomly by aditing (as i guess i am using network analyst route solver).. does not look reliable though. And then i am supposed to do heirarchy - to avoid turns and use roads longer than 500m... and use 300m buffer around schools.. i am a little bit lost... the questions is ...what to do with traffic lights... i am offered to do buffer there as well.. to avoid them.. but it makes the choice too complicated - the closest streets are not usable as well.. is there anything that could calculate how many traffic lights are onthe way? sorry if i sound too silly but i am just learning....thanks for reading!!!!