how to destroy the link from custom App. on ArcMap to folders on HDD?

Discussion created by dgesri on May 29, 2011

I have implemented a custom code that adds a toolbar containing commands to the ArcMap 9.3.

I used the "IToolBarDef" Interface and I added "Icommands" on this toolbar. And I have used many global variable to hold the paths of my database, layers, ... etc

I have these database, layers,...etc folders in my desktop. But after I close the ArcMap and try to move/remove or rename these folder, the windows pop a message saying that these folders are in use and can`t be edited. So, the ArcMap / My Custom code is still preserving the link to these folders even after I close the ArcMap.

The workaround I used is to restart the windows.

I hope someone will  help me how to solve this without restarting my pc every time I want to edit those folders because it is been a critical situation to me.

Thanks all...