Cut and change attributes of polygon feature class based on parcel boundaries

Discussion created by hogbot on May 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2011 by hogbot
I am trying to create a tool within ArcMap that performs automated cuts on multiple city refuse service polygon feature classes simultaneously (instead of using manual processes to modify feature vertices or cutting features based on sketching).  The boundaries of the cut are defined through selecting a parcel based on the user manually typing the parcel ID into the tool's window. Then, the user may check a box to delete the newly-cut features or, for each layer, they may select attribute values from scroll down lists for "Unit_Code" and "Unit_Name" (8 total) or let the attributes default on the old values. Cut features will remain in the original feature class rather than being sent to a new one. 

Some problems I am having include how I should code "Cut Polygon Features" in python and how I should use parameters to allow me the options for drop-down lists, entry fields, and check boxes in my tools window.