Append: field_mapping syntax in .NET?

Discussion created by blomm on May 26, 2011

I have a shapefile that I'm trying to append to a SDE featureclass in .NET, but I'm struggling with the syntax for the field_mapping.

My shapefile has a field "201010W_wi", this value should go into the "Intensity" field of the SDE featureclass.  The append occurs successfuly, however the fields don't map.

I've looked at this: but it seems way to complex, I don't need to create any fields.  Really I should just be able to specify the two names of the fields to map.  field_mapping expects an "Object" which doesn't help much.

append.field_mapping = "201010W_wi Intensity";
append.inputs = @"\\server\Perils\WindStorms\201010W_wind_2010080600.shp"; = @"\\server\Perils\WindStorms\myconnection.sde\StormRegions";
append.schema_type = "NO_TEST";

Thanks for any advice,