Esri Technical Certification - sample questions ambiguous?

Discussion created by stevel on May 25, 2011
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Off-topic - there are some sample questions from the Esri Developer Certification exam posted at

The reason I hate multiple choice questions is that you can't reason with the computer which marks them. I'd dispute the 1st and 3rd questions:

A developer is creating a Web application that allows the user to type in their address and locate it on the map. Which service does the developer need to publish?

The answer given is a geocoding service - but the developer doesn't "need to publish a geocoding service".

- The developer could use a published geocoding service provided by someone else (eg Bing).
- The developer could publish a feature service, and use a query. This is what we used at in the Find Location search (top right) since it allowed us to use type-ahead, which isn't available using a geocoding service

How should a developer show more information when a user hovers over a client-side graphic?

Call me a pedant, but there isn't a single correct way to do this, and the correct question is "how could..."

OK rant over, back to work now.