Centerline construction in Community Maps sample data

Discussion created by kkle0402 on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2011 by TYoder-esristaff
Hello.  I am in the process of compiling data together for migration into the Community Maps Template.  I am a bit confused on the structure that was used to create the Street Centerlines in the sample dataset.  It appears that centerlines overlap each other when they are an over/underpass (different z elevations).  In other words, the sample data has overlapping lines and their nodes do not meet at intersections in these situations.

In our data, our centerline file follows strict topology rules and are not allowed to overlap.  In addition, each centerline is broken at every intersection.  Thus, we have a "to" z elevation and a "from" z elevation for every centerline in our file (ex. for an overpass a street may have a 0 to z elevation and a 1 from z elevation).

I am looking for a simple way to catogorize roads, based on the sample data, but need to have more information (as to why some lines overlap and why they aren't broken at intersections).  Any suggestions?  I have thought of creating an "overpass" layer and combining that with our centerlines, but I have yet to test this out.

Any additional information on what other folks have done to remedy this situation would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you kindly!