Batch Modeller calculation error

Discussion created by edi1511 on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by mkaminow

Has anyone else come across the problem in ArcGIS that when using a Geoprocessing tool in Batch mode, the result of the first calculation is correct but the rest of the results are wrong because they are given the same value as the first calculation?

I have spent some time narrowing the problem down as follows. First make a geoprocessing model, say 6 steps,  save it as a tool in your toolbox folder, run the tool and confirm calculation runs correctly. Then open the model in batch format (rt. Cl. batch), enter in one line and run, results are correct. Do the same thing again and enter in 2 lines and run. First result is correct but second result has same value as first result, so is wrong. Likewise, if you enter in n lines of commands and run, only the first result is correct. All n+1 results are the same as the first result and thus wrong.

Watching the Calculation Progress Dialogue Box shows that all the steps in the calculations take place the first time, say 3-4 minutes, but then it just skips very quickly to the end of the remaining calculations, say 1-2 sec. when it seems to me it should take a similar length of processing time to do each step in all the subsequent calculations.

If anyone has met the problem before, has a solution or can suggest where the problem might be I???d appreciate advice.

I'd enclose a copy of the model if I could find its files but I can't find them. Arctoolbox in Explorer doesn't reveal the actual model files so sorry.