polygons in polygons analysis

Discussion created by vorondil on May 25, 2011
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I'm encountering a problem i've been trying to solve for quite a while now.
in ArcGIS 9 I probably would have used the hawth's tools (polygon in polygon analysis), now I'm using ArcGIS10 but can't find any appropriate tool/solution.

The problem is:
I'm analysing an area with different water table heights.
I ran an interpolation, now I've got different polygons with different height-attributes.
I also created a fishnet (polygons) on these polygons to select sampling points later on.
So I've got several polygons with different water table heights within one fishnet-cell.
Now I want to homogenize these polygons so that every polygon has got the same height value (attribute value) as the biggest (by area) polygon in the fishnet-cell.
All the polygons in a cell are linked by the Fishnet-Cell-FID in the attribute table.

Can anyone think of a solution to this problem?

Thanks a lot