How to make ArcMap9.3 support WinXP style in custom controls?

Discussion created by dgesri on May 22, 2011
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I`m new to development on ArcGIS9.3 using Vb.Net, so I have faced many serious problems including the following one:

  • I`m developing a custom toolbar in vb.net to add it to the ArcMap9.3

  • There is a command on that toolbar that will open a form

  • The form contains many controls (buttons, textboxes, comboboxes,...)

  • When the form is opened at runtime on top of ArcMap9.3, the controls is not previewed in WinXP style

Does ArcMap9.3 support WinXP style view in a custom add-in(form)?
Also I can`t set the cursor (Cursor1.cur) to a tool because it has XP type, but I tried the other types (Monochromw, 256 Colors) and they worked fine. Why is that?

Is there any way to make my from controls and my cursor on ArcMap 9.3 to be shown in XP style.

Please help..!!

I think that this is not only my issue but many other developers care a lot about that.