Error in Sum Line Lengths Within a Polygon

Discussion created by dbl2882 on May 21, 2011
I am running ArcGIS 9.3 and getting the following error in Hawth's Tools when I try to Sum Line Lengths Within a Polygon.

-2147216814 The Geometry property of the spatial filter is invalid

I created a polygon shapefile by buffering points and would like to sum the length of lines (from polyline file) within each polygon, then append the sum of line lengths in each polygon as a new field.

I read in an archive forum thread that it may be a compatibility issue between Hawth's Tools and this version of 9.3. Apparently the issue does not happen in version 9.1, but I don't have access to that verison.

The polyline and polygon layers are projected the same. I ran Check Geometry on the polygon layer and did not find problems. Any help or a work around would be great.