Upgrading a stand-alone application from VB2005 to VB2010, .exe disappears?

Discussion created by jihua816 on May 19, 2011
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I developed a stand-alone application using VB.net 2005 for GIS9.2 several years ago and the .exe file is generated in my_project\debug and works great.

Now I am upgrading this application using VB.net 2010 to be compatible with Arcgis 10 (with Visual studio 2010) according to the steps showing in this link


I recompiled my project in VB.net 2010 and there are no errors but some warnings(rebuild all succeeded).

My question is

I cannot see any .exe generated in my_project\bin or my_project\obj\debug but some .dll files. Is it normal? I am not sure whether my new project has been successfully rebuild though there is no error message.
How to get a stand-alone application (.exe) like what I got in VB.net2005?

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!