transfer junctions with a time cost

Discussion created by pocket_nines on May 19, 2011
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I'm trying to create a transport network using the network analysis tool. I have over 100 different lines and I would like to create transfer junctions that penalise travellers with e.g. 3 minutes when they change line. However I am finding this problematic when using the OD matrix tool.

I have put each line in a different connectivity group and then created junctions (point features) that belong to all connectivity groups. The junctions charge an extra 3 minutes. The problem is that travellers are charged every time they pass over a junction even when they did not need to change.

I cannot find a way of charging interchange time only when an interchange is needed.

I have thought about the possibility of using turns. However many interchanges in my network do not involve 'turning' in the conventional way i.e. with an angle of deflection. Rather it is simply changing from one line shapefile to another, that wil eventually lead to an alternative destination.

Can anyone help with this problem? Thanks!

(I am using ArcMap 9.3)