harvest vehicle routing problem

Discussion created by gonz0963 on May 18, 2011
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I have three potential site to drop off product, so far I have built the fallowing
Depots = processor sites (3)
orders = ranch locations (244 sites)

I have created my network dataset, and it is funtioning properly have geocoded proccesing sites.

I want to compare which "depot" is more efficient logistically. I will apply that each ranch will deliver 100% of the goods to a single "depot" site. And we want to calculate accumlative time/distance from order site to depot site, 1 calcualtion for each site thus creating 244 routes. with this base number we can calcualte based on our estimated yields how many trips will be taken from each site and so forth.

I have never worked with the network analysis, and am creating things by going through the help menue in ArcMap