RasterLayerClass won't release lock on image file when AxMapControl is disposed.

Discussion created by marqdouj on May 17, 2011

Using VB.Net 2008 and ArcGIS Engine 2010 SP1.

I am dynamically downloading a *.jpeg file from (used to be terraserver.usa) and
have no problem adding it as raster layer using the RasterLayerClass and CreateFromFilePath method (image shows up just fine on the map), however I want to delete the *.jpeg file when I'm done with it (after the the map control is disposed and AOUninitialize is called - the image is no longer needed).
I tried deleting the file after the form that contained the map control was disposed but was unable to do so.  Once I shutdown the entire application I can manually delete the file, but I want to delete the file automatically in code once I'm done with it.

Is there a better way to use the tempory image file rather than with RasterLayerClass and CreateFromFilePath so I can delete the image when I'm done with it, or perhaps there is a method to load the image directly into the default scratch workspace (which gets automatically deleted when the map closes) and then delete the source *.jpeg file?

Any suggestions?