Archiving replacing Transactions

Discussion created by RudinA on Mar 3, 2010
Although I havent gotten the new JTX(WMX) beta installed, I have looked at the help about the transaction functionality being replaced by archiving.  Although I dont see any issues with this in our JTX workflow, the one concern I have is maintaining our archive history if we need to update our SDE data schema by exporting the data, deleting the feature classes, reloading a new blank schema from an XML file, then reloading the data.

As far as I can see Archiving requires the use of the ObjectID field to maintain the relationship between the base/delta tables and the history table for the feature class.  So if you export all the data and reload, ObjectID's all get reset.  The benefit of the JTX 9.3 transaction schema is that you can choose what field to use to join the history of changes back to the feature class.  We peronaly use GLOBALID's for ours, but we could also use our own unique ID we create from an Oracle sequence

I posted this issue on the SDE and Geodatabase forum as well.  I would assume that other people would have had the same problem with archiving but haven't seen much on it.  If you want to archive data for years and years, you can't just keep making schema changes directly on the server.  Eventually you need to take the tables down and reload.