Invoking pyton from C#

Discussion created by josecoca on May 16, 2011
Hello all! , I'm developing GIS applications using and I need to do lots of process on geometries for analisys and printing: spatial queries, read geometries, intersect, save results and a lot more. My problem is that performing this operations in c# using Arcobjects API is extremely heavy and slow performance, since this API is based in COM objects, for example, performing a process of 15 to 20 spatial queries I've got to wait 20 seconds? and very likely to fail also, not acceptable to me(I'v got a very powerful server, by the way). That's why I'm considering migrating these processes to pyton, but I don't know if it is possible to invoke pyton scripts from C#, send parameters, receive results, all the obvious stuff necesary for a decent application development.
Any ideas or links?? Also I'll appreciate a lot any new sugestions other than using pyton for improving the performance of these processes.
Thanks in advance!!