Relating closest factility routes back to original polygons

Discussion created by danielruden87 on May 13, 2011
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I'm using network analyst to determine closest facilities for a large number of polygons. Here is the process I went through in network analyst...

- converted all polygons of interest to point features using the ???feature to point??? tool
- created new geodatabase
- created new feature dataset
- imported feature classes into feature dataset
- created new network dataset in feature dataset (kept all defaults, used road length as weight)
- created ???new closest facility???
- snapped 'facilities' and 'incidents' to nearest road
- evaluated routes
- used 'select by attributes' tool to determine routes under a certain distance

This has all worked fine. Now I am interested in relating those routes under a certain distance back to the original polygon center point incidents they were calculated for. I'm not sure how to do this, because I snapped all incident center points to the nearest road. Any advice on this would be much appreciated!

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