Why Can't ESRI just install ALL the needed python libraries on set up?

Discussion created by ground_hogg on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on May 31, 2011 by npssde
I have found that ArcGIS10.0, even after service pack II does not install the proper libraries for python.

Reading through the forums, its a variety of different modules ESRI doesn't seem to have the capability of registering through their software.

This time, I find that "arcgisscripting" is not installed, on a home system running a demo of Arc10, it was the arcpy module, at my office its the arcgisscripting module.

So, now I need to try to register the arcgisscripting module.  But wait: this is a tool others will use, how do I know they will have the proper libraries installed on their system?  pretty much kills Python as a developer tool, knowing every ArcGIS install is completely different.

I also have to ask "why pay maintenance on software that costs a small fortune, and the company that makes it can't even get their own install package to work?".