How to use an elevation field for all vertices on a segment?

Discussion created by ajodry on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on May 19, 2011 by ajodry
I'm créating a street network, but I have some dificulties defining my elevation field.

In my network I have bridges which cross other roads and are sharing vertices. I would like to difine elevation difference for these crossings, but I found out that the elevation fieds only work on end points.
I cannot define my connectivity only by endpoints, because other intersections (on the same level) do have to participate the connectivity on the vertices and not only on endpoints.

I do have a field with elevation information (-1, 0 and 1), so idealy on the endpoints I have a connectivity between 0 and 1, but on the other vertices there is no connectivity between 0 and 1.

Does anybody have a solution? Thanks in advance!

PS. contrary to the discription I found on the elevation tool, I do have connectivity between 0 and 1 level roads connected by endpoints... Is there something wrong with my network, or am I misunderstanding the elevation tool?