Closest Facility: Polygons as locations?

Discussion created by tgar on May 12, 2011
Latest reply on May 22, 2011 by tgar

My question straight forward is: Is it possible to load polygons as locations within the NA?

The story behind is the following: I am trying to calculate the shortest routes connecting building blocks and green spaces. Doing that I don't have any data concerning entrances available.

Since I realized that the NA works only with point-shapes, I created through "Feature to point" the center point for each polygon. But in the network analysis this ends up in disproportionate distances between a green space and a building block, because the NA looks for that point on the street network arouund e.g. the building block, where the distance to the center point and the street is the shortest.

To keep me from thinking about possibilities with eucledean distance, severeal network analysis steps etc., it would be very easy to just use polygons as locations and have the routes being calculated to any point of the polygon.

I hope the problem is understandable and I would definitely appreciate any help...

Thanks, Theresa