editting points

Discussion created by simon.miles.rbwm on May 11, 2011
I've discovered a bit of a lang between adding points to a dataset on SDE via my JS script and actually seeing those edits (new points) appear in the SDE layer when seen in ArcMap. I think that summerised it quite well!

So to flesh this out. I've used an esri editing sample and configured it up to my map service. I can add points, delete points and edit points; all good stuff. Seconds after adding a new point, i can go off to another js web application that consumes the same layer that i've just edit and see the new points on the map. If i then go off to ArcMap and add in the SDE layer that a good few seconds ago i just editted, i cant see the edits! If i remove the sde layer from arcmap and then add it back in, still no new edits can be seen. However, if i add the Map Service layer into arcmap, then i can see my new edits.

Has anyone else experiences this? Does anyone know what might be causing this lang?