Appending Featureclass tables to gdb table in modelbuilder

Discussion created by bbunch76 on May 10, 2011
Hi Everyone, I have been constructing a rather complex EIA Proximity tool that creates concentric buffer rings to get data from a gdb containing approximately 80 datasets via select by location.

After much annoyance and persistence with modelbuilder, I got all that to run and it's working as it supposed to. Now I am working on the reporting side of things.

The intention is to iterate through the results feature datasets (fds0m, fds200m, fds500m and fds2000), created by the select by location processes and have the tables from each of the featureclasses contained within appended to a standalone file gdb table (one for each of the fds listed above).

I have tried so many variations in getting the data out but seem to be running into issues at almost every turn.

The path that I think is correct is to have the iterating featureclasses sub-model feed into a make table view process and having that appended to a table that is created in the model running state.
Apparently a table made from 'make table view' is not of the same type as a stand alone table created in a gdb. Aren't they both tables? I am not sure there is a difference between the two. I have tried using the table to table tool and this seems to work, sort of. It gets a bit messy with trying to have it output a table from iterated featureclasses. And the append function will only work on the first dataset.

Does anybody have any idea on what can be done to make the two 'tables' apparently compatible so I can append the data?