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Discussion created by briancoward on May 10, 2011
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Alright, let me see if I can explain this clearly. 
There are 3 variables:

[APN] - String
[Shp_Acerage] - Double
[APN_ac] - Double

I need records with the same [APN] to add up the [Shp_Acreage] in the [APN_ac].  The outcome of this would be...

2 or more records with the same [APN]:

[APN]                      [Shp_Acreage]        [APN_ac]
046-260-003-000       29.48                    43.67
046-260-003-000       1.53                      43.67
046-260-003-000       10.91                    43.67
046-260-003-000       1.75                      43.67

I was planning on running this through the Calculator on the [APN_ac] field but if there is a better way... I'll take it.  Seems like a simple thing to do but I haven't had any luck.  Appreciate the help,