Maplex does not place labels for small polygons. A bug?

Discussion created by jakubsisak on May 10, 2011
Never Remove is on -> Maplex does not place labels for small polygons.  I am using a layer provided by my provincial government for the purpose of labelling all known geographical named features. Unlike the federal (CanVec / NTDB) layer which is a point layer the provincial government uses polygons for more accurate placement of labels. A great idea until.... you try to use Maplex, a $4500 labeling extravaganza... (+ tax) Wow! Ouch! (Won't even mention I also got ArcEditor thinking that representations will be awesome!)

Maplex off = every polygon is labelled
Maplex on = all small labels are not labelled (area < 5m for labels such as town bay and other exact locations)

When overzoomed, the unplaced labels start appearing.

Never Remove should never remove labels shouldn't it? However it does not never removes as I interpret it.

More information about this specific issue here: http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/9468/how-to-never-remove-labels-in-maplex