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Hopefully someone has a solution to this...

ESRI has this cool ability for Shared Addins, using a server path for example within an organization.
Unfortunately, once the machine is un-plugged from that network, the path, along with all the tools are removed... this causes issues for Laptop users as well as the odd network glitch (if it happens during arc startup / shutdown)

The ability to plug into the network with, lets say a laptop, have the most recent tools through the shared addin, unplug, go to a meeting somewhere else, utilize those tools, then get any updates once plugged back into the network seems ideal and care free for the user. Otherwise, its drag all the files over, repath addisn to that folder, once back at office, remove path, re-path to other, open arc, close arc to set the latest addins in place.

Except for that cool part where ESRI decided to have the Addin REMOVE everything, INCLUDING the folder path in the Options tab of the addin manager if the path is no longer there, I like addins otherwise.

Am I missing something?

Currently using Editor 10.0 Build 3200 on most machines.

I guess just another custom program to be made...