Several Questions regarding JTX - Job Tracking

Discussion created by rsga on May 8, 2011
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Hi all,
I'm evaluating ???ESRI Job Tracking for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Build 190??? for use in my client organisation. Any suggestions or comments on the following issues would be appreciated, thanks.

1. Can???t get notifications to work ??? have set the SMTP server and tried running several different notification steps, but nothing I???ve tried seems to result in emails being sent.
??? System Settings/Notification: SMTP Server; Default sender email are populated
??? Notification Type/ToFrom settings: Sender and Subscriber populated eg. In Notification Type: Step Started
??? Step Properties set to run Executable: JTXSteps.SendNotification with Arguments: /notifType:StepStarted

2. When JTX Client is first opened, the user views the All Jobs list, then selects the job they want from the list. The Job Properties tab may be displayed, but the workflow action buttons are not enabled. Does the ???Workflow??? tab always need to be clicked before the workflow Action buttons become active?

3. JTX seems to be inconsistent in saving step assignments during Job execution. Sometimes they take effect straight away, sometimes the Job list view needs to be refreshed, sometimes hitting the ???Save Job??? button works and sometimes the assignment setting is lost. Is there a trick to ensuring step assignments stick on the first go?

4. During Job creation, I assign a Job to a Group. This seems to prevent a user having access to run the steps, even though they are a member of the Group, or may be pre-assigned to each step within the workflow individually.

5. Is there an UNDO function available for rolling back workflow steps?

6. The SQL Query/ORDER BY function of report configuration doesn???t seem to work, eg. I've set it to JTX_JOBS.JOB_ID, but the results are not ordered.

7. In the Configuration Manager, under Job Types/Maps, I can browse and import a Base Map. But when I return to this configuration tab later the field is blank. The map, however still loads with ArcMap during job execution. The same goes for AOI Base Map field. Is this working? I would expect to see the path to the last map I imported in the textbox.

8 . The event times shown for history items in the reports differ from the event times shown in the client application (in my case the report times are about 10 hours behind). How can I get the reports to show times which match the client application history?