I need a tool to set up geophysics surveys

Discussion created by jdeangelo on May 5, 2011
Hi All,

I am trying to help people get ready for their upcoming field season.  I want to try to provide
them with a tool to automate the setup of their field studies.

What I'm looking for is pretty simple in concept and I'm hoping that
some tool like this already exists.

Hopefully a tool that could generate lines & points and assign an
appropriate name to the features.  I put up an example of an old
field study at:


So ideally, the tool could:

- generate sets of parallel lines at defined intervals and at
defined angles relative to north with code names that reflect their identity

- generate points at defined intervals along these lines from a
defined starting point along that line, with names that reflect
which line they are on and their relative position along that line

It seems to me that something like this must exist out there in the
ether.  Please let me know if you know of an existing solution, or
if you may be able to help me construct one.