Working with DataGrids

Discussion created by abrown31 on May 5, 2011
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Does anybody have any experience working with the dojox.grid.DataGrid or EnhancedGrid?

I'm trying to use the grid to display results from a selection query, or a search query, for multiple layers. However, the layers' schema differ - one is a point (soil borings), the other is a polygon (buildings). Since both differ, what is the best way to display the data in the datagrid? The column names aren't the same for both layers, so things won't work correctly. I tried searching for dynamic columns, but I couldn't find anything.

What is the best approach for something like this? Does somebody have extensive experience dealing with tables/grids with the Javascript API? Are there any real-world examples of the datagrid (not the ESRI DataGrid example)?

My application will have to display analytical data from the soil borings, so the grid/table is a necessity.

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