when AO Call Server's GP , it happend error

Discussion created by sxmalice on May 4, 2011
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Hi, supports

when I use AO to Call server's GP, the error happend,please help me,thanks!

the code is following:

Geoprocessor gp = new Geoprocessor();
gp.AddToolbox(@"esri-sxm;GP\qqq");//when runing here the error is happend;
gp.AddToolbox(@"esri-sxm;GP/qqq");//or this case also happend error.when runing here the error is happend;
catch(Exception ex)
string a = "1";
gp.OverwriteOutput = true;

// Create an IVariantArray to hold the parameter values.
IVariantArray parameters = new VarArrayClass();

// Populate the variant array with parameter values.
IFeatureLayer m_featurelayer = GetFeatureLayer("å??å¸?");
parameters.Add("1 Meters");

// Execute the tool.
IGeoProcessorResult result;
result = (IGeoProcessorResult)gp.Execute("MyBuffer", parameters,null);

catch (Exception ex)
string a = "1";

The error's context is following:
对 COM ç»?件ç??è°?ç?¨è¿?å??äº?é??误 HRESULT E_FAILã??"}
[System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException]: {"对 COM ç»?件ç??è°?ç?¨è¿?å??äº?é??误 HRESULT E_FAILã??"}
Data: {System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal}
HelpLink: null
InnerException: null
Message: "对 COM ç»?件ç??è°?ç?¨è¿?å??äº?é??误 HRESULT E_FAILã??"
Source: "ESRI.ArcGIS.Geoprocessing"
StackTrace: " å?¨ ESRI.ArcGIS.Geoprocessing.GeoProcessorClass.AddToolbox(String Toolbox)\r\n å?¨ ESRI.ArcGIS.Geoprocessor.Geoprocessor.AddToolbox(String toolbox)\r\n å?¨ GPBuffer.Button1.OnClick() ä½?ç½® D:\\Backup\\æ??ç??æ??æ¡£\\Visual Studio 2008\\Projects\\GPBuffer\\GPBuffer\\Button1.cs:è¡?å?· 71"
TargetSite: {Void AddToolbox(System.String)