using field value to change layer visibility

Discussion created by paulcone on May 3, 2011
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I am using Data Driven Pages to create a map book with facing pages that has four different scale levels of overlapping index grids.  Each page of the book has a scale (set in a field in the index layer) and I don't want to clutter the overview/locator map that is on each page of the book with the overlapping index grid layers so as I step through the Data Driven Pages loops (one for odd pages, one for even pages), I want to to read in the scale value and use it to turn on only the layers that I want to print for each particular page.  I simply want to read that value in but in looking for examples of how to read fields in a layer (i.e. table), all I can find is for loops and cursors and such.  Is it really that complicated?  Can't I just say "what's the value of this field in this layer?"  The current page or "row" is already changing via the loop that steps through the pages, so the methods I already see seem to conflict with the loop I'm already in.


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