Tiff Quality on Layout Exports

Discussion created by drbarlow on May 3, 2011
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I have code in C# similar to the following. It exports the layout view like I want it to, but regardless of what I set the export resolution at, the result is always the same quality. Please help me, I need to have the tiff that is exported be a higher resolution. Any help is greatly appreciated!

IMapDocument pMxd = new MapDocumentClass();
IExport tifExport = new ExportTIFFClass();

pMxd.Open(@"C:\test.mxd", null);

IActiveView pActiveView = pMxd.PageLayout as IActiveView;
tifExport.ExportFileName = @"C:\testimage.tif";
tifExport.Resolution = 300;   //I have tried may different #s here with the exact same result
tagRECT exportRect = pActiveView.ExportFrame;
IEnvelope pPixel = new EnvelopeClass();
pPixel.PutCoords(exportRect.left, exportRect.top, exportRect.right, exportRect.bottom);
tifExport.PixelBounds = pPixel;
int hDC = tifExport.StartExporting();
pActiveView.Output(hDC, (int)tifExport.Resolution, ref exportRect, null, null);