Calculating Watersheds from multiple Pour Points

Discussion created by _si_ on May 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by jamiesomma
Hi there

I am doing an analysis on a small river, using reaches for which I need to calculate various parameters for each reach, one of which is watershed/catchment area the reach is draining.

I'm familiar with the general principles of generating a watershed, but I have 116 reaches and therefore 116 watersheds, which could take a while!

I've got my flow accumulation and flow direction rasters for the whole catchment area and I've built a simple model to take a point layer (a pour point) and just generate the output watershed raster, which seems to work OK.

What I would like to do is generate a point feature which has all 116 points in (rather than 116 separate point feature layers!) If I do this can I either:
a) run my model where the input for snap pour points has 116 inputs? Will this just generate an output raster with 116 rows? Will this mess with the output?
b) specify in my model somehow to take only ID# from the input feature class (with 116 row) as the input and run it 116 times? Generating 116 separate output rasters?

Any other more simple ideas would be welcome!