Issue using Magnifier, IOS4.3, XCode4, API 1.8

Discussion created by nijkampr on May 3, 2011
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Hi all,

I'm developing for IOS 4.3, with the 1.8 final api under Xcode4
At this moment i'm discovering all the functionalities of the api, and i've got an issue with one of the features which i need in my final application.

I've got a simple app, which uses the OpenStreetmap as base layer, and a 2 sublayer second layer.

I add the OpenStreetMap, i setup the mapview (Enable wrap around, enable ShowMagnifierOnTapAndHold) set the LayerDelegate, and finally add the second layer.

Everything goes fine, until i try to call the magnifier by tap and holding..

The activity icon appears and disappears, with the console message: <Error>: CGImageMaskCreate: invalid image size: 0 x 0.

I can imagine that an image with 0x0 is indeed an invalid size, but why?

What am i doing wrong here?

Sidenote: I've created an plain XCode view-based project, and added the ArcGis libraries, header files and linker directives myself (According to the "Getting Started")