Help with Definition Query for Current Date minus 7 days

Discussion created by pfisher13321 on May 2, 2011
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Hello community, I could really use some help!  Our Crime Analysis Center has recently transitioned over to using Arc Server and sde.  Our data is stored in SQL and we have a point feature class that is joined to the table through a view.

We are trying to set up definition queries for different crime types to show the incidents that occurred over the past 7 days so we won't have to continually change the date range in the definition query.  I have seen in other posts to use CURRENT_DATE but I am not familiar with SQL language (not yet at least) and don't know how to structure the minus 7 days part.

This is a huge hurdle in our process and finding the answer would save us countless man hours a week.  We also prepare analysis based on the past 4 weeks and 6 weeks of data so you can see how challenging it would be to have to keep changing the date ranges by hand.  Thank you in advance for your help!

Paula F. Cutrone
Lead Crime Analyst
Onondaga Crime Analysis Center
Syracuse, NY