convert multiple overlapping polygons into multiple grids

Discussion created by DennisJongsomjit on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by erice-esristaff
Hi everyone,
I have a shapefile with many overlapping polygons.  Each polygon has a unique identifier.  I'm trying to either convert each unique polygon into it's own separate feature class or convert each unique polygon into it's own separate grid with raster values based on the unique ID.  The latter is my ultimate goal. Seems simple but can't find a solution online.  In python its probably something like listing each row of the feature class then iteratively converting each one into a grid, but listing rows is new to me.  I can do this in the command line by selecting each row then converting to grid based on the selection (and doing this over and over for each selection).  Is there a more elegant way to do this or any example python script for the steps I would need to take? I'm using 9.3.1.

Thanks for the help,