Mobile Tools in a GPServer

Discussion created by andrewbrown on May 2, 2011
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Using ArcGIS Server 10 SP1 - Enterprised Advanced

I've published a GPService from a toolbox containing two models. One is using the create mobile map tool and the other is using synchronize mobile cache.
When I try to execute or submit job (synchronous / asynchronous) respectively, I recieve errors that the tool is invalid. Error 000816 Code 500. "The tool is invalid"

Tools can be run within ArcMap and work fine.

My mxd is on a share with the SOC account having modify permissions through share along with change permissions through NTFS security for both map and cache folders.
Toolbox is published from a different share with SOC account also having modify permissions through share and ntfs.

Does anyone know if using these Mobile Tools in a Published ArcGIS Server GPServer service is restricted or does anyone have any thoughts on why they don't execute?