How to open ArcMap to specific location using VB

Discussion created by lherndon on Apr 29, 2011

I hope this is the right forum for this question. I have developed a simple picture viewer under an applications database I maintain in MS Access. This viewer shows me all images that we have of a selected property. I was hoping to incorporate a command buttons' "On click" event to open ArcMap to a specific map and then to a specific spot on the map. In this case, I want the property on the map to coincide with the property I am viewing in my picture viewer, kind of a "Map It" feature. In my specific case, the map I use is called "Parcel_Review". Our account numbers are called RPC numbers and I search my picture viewer based on this account number. In Arc, we can search by RPC in the "Find" utility under the field name gpin_RPC. So to sum it up, if I pull up the pictures for account number 11111, I then want to hit a "map it" button and have ArcMap open to the "Parcel_Review" map to gpin_RPC number 11111. Does anyone know how or if I can code this and what that code might be? I'm not an VB guru so any help is appreciated. Sorry if too long winded. Thanks.