Solving Arc Hydro Problems by deleting TMP Files

Discussion created by MBoucher21 on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by AssemWardak
I've seen several threads about Arc Hydro not working as expected. On a few of them I've responded the same way.

I'm in the middle of an Arc Hydro project and I am finding functions not working as expected just like a I see on a lot of these posts. My solution is as follows (it works almost every time):

Arc Hydro may be trying to create temp file that already exists.
In my Arc Hydro training at ESRI I was told that, when things start going "funny":

  1. close ArcMap, go to your temp directory - In Windows 7, mine is at C:\Users\mboucher\AppData\Local\Temp

  2. delete everything you can. 

You can tell if this is where the ESRI program puts temp files, by:
  1. open the folder, sorting by date (new to old), and starting ArcMap.

  2. If this is the right directory, you will see temp files being created.
There are some files that you can't delete while other programs are running, so you may have to close all programs to delete all the files. There was usually one or two that I cannot delete. I assumed it was related to Explorer. You can also delete files using Arc Catalog. Using this you can see the temp rasters, etc.

When this does not work. I close Arc Desktop and use Arc Catalog to delete shape files and rasters that I'm needing to create. I do this to ensure that there are no write protection errors causing problems.

I'm using Arc Hydro in Arc Desktop 10 with Windows 7.


(P.S. - ESRI, if you're listening, please fund those guys working on Arc Hydro so they can build in some safeguards against these kinds of problems! We've got better things to do than rant at our computers over these things! Thank you!)