relate graph in weighted edgelist format to point coverage/shapefile of nodes?

Discussion created by carloscarroll on Apr 27, 2011
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I have a valued directed graph in ASCII edgelist format:
fromnode, to node, edgeweight
I have a coverage or shapefile with the nodes, with a field corresponding to the nodeids used in fromnode, tonode fields above..
How would I create a coverage that would allow me to display the network with the edges represented as arrows with width proportional to edgeweight? This is complicated by the directed nature of the graph, which would require display of 2 arcs between nodes.
this is likely a newbie question but I have not been able to locate the answer after searching.
I have Spatial Analyst and Workstation but do not have Network Analyst (but could access it if necessary).
More generally I would be interested in any tools (in ArcGIS or other programs, eg, R) to convert common graph file formats to GIS formats.