Editiable data services

Discussion created by AndrewPratt on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by BrianO
I want to use iPad's and iPhones to collect field data (photo's and data of structures) and submit them to our ArcGIS Server.

As I understand it I need to publish a service that is editable which means I need to upgrade to ArcGIS Server10. We're planning on doing that shortly.

I am also under the impression that I'll need to make this editable data service available to ArcGIS Online so that the iPad/iPhone clients can connect to it using the ArcGIS app.

Since ArcGIS Online can't see secure data services though doesn't that mean I need to publish my editable data service with out any security in place? That's not an option!

Assuming I'm correct is my only recourse to build our own app using the SDK for iOS?

Edit: I've been watching an iOS webinar from esri and I think it implies that we could host our own maps using Content Server but we'd still have issues surrounding the need to serve them publicly or else hide the server behind a firewall and use the VPN software to access it.