ArcEngine - Memory problem vs MXD

Discussion created by vini1 on Apr 27, 2011
Hi everyone,

- I have a custom application built with ArcEngine.  
- I Have a serverstyle file with over 3000 complex symbol (132Mo)
- I have a MXD with lot of layers and maybe 50 complex symbol by layer. (MXD = 190Mo)
- ArcEngine 9.3.1
- Visual Studion 2005

In my MXD, add a new layer with a dynamic legend. If a user insert a new data, a symbol must be add in legend if he is not present yet.

I load all my symbol into a Symbology control (ArcEngine), and after this, I create a dictionnary of all of these symbols with IDictionnary.   When i need a symbol, i get it from dictionnary.  (The concept work fine!)

If i load my MXd inside my custom application and after this, i create my dictionnary, I can't get all of my 3000 symbols in my dictionnary.  Only 2182 symbols are read.

If I create my dictionnary before open my document, I can get all my 3000 symbols in my dictionnary but my MXD won't open.

I thought the problem was serverstyle file, but after some test, it's not that.  I don't kbow if there is a memory limit with ArcEngine or Visual Studio but it's seems to be that kind of problem.

Someone has an idea to resolve my situation?

Thank you